Boarder Corner Playlist vom 17.06.2017

17.06.2017 Radio Playlist Szene

Papa Roach / kick in the teeth

Stonesour / absolute zero

Corroded / Exit to transfer

Caliban / broken

Eskimo Callboy / the scene

Danzig / Devil on Hwy 9

Black Label Society / Parade of the dead

Manowar / warriors of the world

Cry Excess / survival

Deaf Havana / fever

Deaf Havana / sing

clawfinger / pin me down

Eisbrecher / Fehler machen Leute

Lamb of God / guilty

Resist the Ocean / the last of our kind

Flogging Molly / reptiles

tuxeedo / triduum sacrum

Stone Sour / Song #3

Slate Grey / leave the enemy

The Interbeing / borderline human

Twisted Sister / we`re not gonna take it

Shaman`s Harvest / the come up

Alter Bridge / addicted to pain

Guns N Roses / Paradise city