Boarder Corner Playlist vom 19.08.2017

19.08.2017 Radio Playlist Szene

Corroded / gun and a bullet

Annisokay / naked city

Kaiser Franz Josef / slaughterhouse

Resist the Ocean / black rust

Deaf Havana / sing

Flogging Molly / the hand of John L. Sullivan

Trivium / strife

Eisbrecher / Was ist hier los?

Axolotl / grave new world

Shoot the girl first / God`s gift

Eskimo Callboy / VIP

Papa Roach / help

Übergas / heiss

Five Finger Death Punch / house of the rising sun

Murderdolls / dead in Hollywood

aPron / cocheriki

Black Stone Cherry / built for comfort

Stone Sour / get inside

Motorhead / heros

Kittie/ run like hell

The Interbeing / borderline human

Caliban / broken

Triggerfinger / colossus

KoRN / fear is a place to live

Dead by April / Warrior

Mastodon / motherload

ASs I lay dying / through struggle

SODOM / sacred warpath