Kräutergarten Playlist vom 15.07.2017


1.saxon sky - he ardener

2.African head charge - No, don`t follow fashion

3.Solomom Burke - Everything gonna be alright

4.Fay Simmons - Everybody is doing the Pony

5.Carl Holmes - soul dance No.3

6.Johnny Cash _ Walk the Line

7.Gradie o Neil - Baby oh Baby

8.Howlin`Wolf - you`ll be mine

9.Dr. Ross - Cat squirrel

10.Ike Turner - Funky Mule

11.The Propositions - Africana

12.Aiff Sound System - Let it Roll

13.Taxi Gang - Peter Gunn

14.John Fiddy< - Heavy Industry

15.Cyclödron - Transdecental meditation

16.James Bond -Shiliouette

17.Yabby You - Rally Dub

18.Buari - Karam Boni

19.Barbara Trent - Heartbreak Hotel

20.Felice Taylor - I can feel youre love wilson - The Sanke

22.Lowell Fulson - Ma aching Back

23.The outsiders - time want let me

24.ZZ Hill - Gimmie Gimmie

25.Nick and the Jaguars - Ich i Bon

26.Johnny Thompson - the 30ß

27.Nation Rockin Shadows - Anastesia

28.Sonics - The Witch

29.Jerry harris - Swing Daddy Swing

30.Bo Diddley -Elephant Man

31.Paul Griffin - Ragdoll Baby

32.Jackie Mittoo - Hang`em high

33.Charles malcolm - Bonanza Ska


Fazerdaze / Little Uneasy
Fazerdaze / Lucky girl
Zwinkelman / GoldWert
Zwinkelman / HalloLullu
Radiohead / Present Tense
Too Tangled / Mexican Drugs
Carnival Youth / Lots of Nobodies
HOOPS / Sun's out
Fufanu / Syncing in
Ivory Clay / Whatever there was
Palace / Live well
Mr Silla / Cold
Pygmy Lush / Its a good day to hide
Cigarettes after Sex / Dreaming of you
Cigarettes after Sex / Apocalypse
Fionn Regan / The Meetings of the waters
Fionn Regan / Cormorant Bird
Fionn Regan / Turn the skies of blue
Fionn Regan / Cape of diamonds
Maybe Canada / Now & Then
Maybe Canada / It's alright
RIDE / Charm Assault
Afghan Whigs / Demon in Profile
Black River Delta / A buried Man
Black River Delta / Follow you down
Black River Delta / Wind collides
Charlie Cunningham/ Telling it wrong
Perturbator / She is young, she is beautiful