Murdersounds Playlist

22.05.2020 Radio Playlist Szene

Playlist vom 22.05.2020 

James Brotörhead - Superbad

bob marley billy idol - with a rebel yell, she cried

the temptations and black sabbath -  get ready for the grave

Judas jackson billie jean got another thing coming

bill withers and panthera  - use my mouth for war

mc hammer vs eurithmics vs new order vs talkong heads vs donna summer

the slip girls - if you  wanna breath my sulfur

house of pain vs queen vs acdc - we will jump ypu

the final teen spirit mashup (Nirvana vs Europa)

black doors -  break on through to the paranoid side

daft punk vs queen  -  another one bites da funk

danzig and the temptations - mother was a rolling stone

metallica feat los del rio - master of macarena

motörhead and bob marley - killed by exodus