Easy money for new projects


You are a newcomer, new organizer, part of a collective or a band, rapper, artistic DJ, beat producer or similar?

You need support e.g. for music video shoots, song recordings/releases, events or other projects for your first steps into the Munich music scene?

You have been in active the Munich Music scene for a while, but you’re planning something new or want to support others (e.g. with a workshop, common initiavies or events)?

Then this is the right place for you!

From now on you can have your project funded with 250-500 Euro.

Read the most important rules.

Then fill out the form on this page.

DEADLINE: 15.02.2024. 23:59 p.m.
time frame for your project: 01.03.24 – 30.04.24 (deadline 15.02.24)

If you have any questions, read the FAQs. Or contact us directly at booster(at)feierwerk(dot)de

The Munich Music Booster is also new for us at Feierwerk Fachstelle Pop. If you have any feedback or comments, please get in touch (booster(at)feierwerk(dot)de).

Munich Music Booster - 2024-1 English

Munich Music Booster - 2024-1 - English
Our city is diverse. All applicants are welcome. The following information is given voluntarily and only for statistic purposes:
This online form is the basis for the funding contract, in the event of my project being chosen.
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

FAQs Munich Music Booster

General info concerning the funding

Munich Music Booster is a financial support for projects within the Munich Music Scene. The funding is meant to get your idea or project quickly off the ground, no matter if you’re a newcomer, a collective, a rapper, a band, an artsy DJ, beat-producer. It could be used for Music Video production, recordings, publishings, new events or ideas, we have never heard of. Basically any ideas that can be affected positively by 250 – 500€, which is the sum that can be paid out.

The funding can be anything between 250 to 500 € per project. The overall project costs can be higher than the funding and so be financed by this financial support only partially.

The Munich Music Booster is funded by the Kulturreferat der LH München (thank you!). Projects are chosen by the Feierwerk Fachstelle Pop.

Per year 50.000€ can be disbursed through the overall budget.

As project we understand an undertaking, a plan, an idea from you or your group as newcomers, new event organizers, collectives, rappers, bands, artsy DJs or beat producers.

Generally speaking, yes. The funding supports certain projects. Therefore you could be part of different projects.

We advise you as a musician/DJ/Rapper/band to only apply once. Please choose what’s most important for you. But you’re able to quote costs for a music video and a recording in one calculation as those would both be produced for your release. Exemption: If you have multiple bands, groups, collectives, that work on different subjects, you can send multiple applications.

No. The application is filled out by an individual.

Unfortunately no. The project can’t be funded by other fundings than the Munich Music Booster. Also, if you have been funded directly* as a musican or event organizer, we can’t take your application into consideration.
*A gig at a funded event doesn’t count. What we mean is, if you have received or been selected for funding for your project e.g. from the Kulturreferat LH München.

Generally speaking, yes – if you have a new project idea.

No. You’re not supposed to apply for another funding concerning this project.

A complete overview containing all costs incurred and possible income for your idea, also if the funding only covers part of the overall costs.

It can be configured freely, for example as text document or list.

We don’t define pop as a genre. Pop is an overall expression for modern music, that reflects diversity: Afrobeats, Blues, Country, Drum´n´Bass/Breakbeat, Electronic Music, Folk, Funk/Soul, Goth, House, Indie, Latin, Metal, Mundart, Noise, Pop, Punk, Rap/HipHop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter*in, Techno, Reggae and the mix of those and lots of other genres. Also elements of classical music and jazz are often a part of popular music. At Feierwerk Fachstelle Pop we try to distinguish popular music from classical music, jazz, new music, folk as well as Schlager music and cover music – in their own true form.

Projects, ideas and costs

The funding is meant to help newcomers, musicians, bands, event organisers, collectives, rappers, artsy DJs, Beatproducers and similar creative people within the popmusic scene.

Musicians and bands that are already known can also apply for the funding. But, only with new projects or ideas, that inspire or offer value to people from the music scene,
like e.g. workshops, skill sharing, new events or other innovative concepts.

From the age of 14 you can apply with your legal guardians support – from the age of 18 without their consent. There is no maximum age.
In the application we ask for your age for statistic purposes to find out who we adress with our advertisement and funding.

The funding can be applied for by individuals (also for small businesses or groups).

Applicants must live in Munich, with groups at least half of the members. The focus of activity needs to be in Munich also.

Basically all projects that help you get further within the Munich Music and culture scene, could be worth funding. The planning has started already, the project should only start once you were chosen for the funding. This is specially important concerning the invoice /performance date (time frame of the project taking place).

  • Music recording, song production (e.g. wages for mixing, recording, mastering)
  • A tour / a weekender with your Munich based group (e.g. wages for sound engineers or fuel costs)
  • Music video production or completion (cut, rental camera, equipment, features)
  • Spendings on promo for a release (e.g. fees for online, radio or print promotion, wages for writing a band bio or release text, wages for graphics, photo- or videographer)
  • Feature wages for guest musicians
  • Project content for tracks, pictures and motion pictures (apart from sponsored content)
  • New events or event series (wages for technicians, support act, leaflet printing and online promotion)
  • Networking events, workshops, skillsharing

Necessary spendings to reach the project goal.

Appropriate spendings concerning type, extent and amount could be:

  • One’s own costs (organisation, research, other jobs; with receipt and explanation)
  • Travel costs
  • Rental costs for used spaces
  • Materialcosts
  • Fees for staff (people, that work freely within their own duties)
  • Investments
  • Work material, office material
  • Education and further training
  • Costs, that occured before you were chosen for the funding
  • Presents
  • Food (apart from catering during the project, no alcohol or tobacco)
  • Private costs of living
  • Fines and penalties
  • Donations
  • Legal advice

The project needs to be finalised within the year of receiving funding. Apart from that, there are no limitations.

Please read the rules. They include all important information concerning your project.

Application and process of selection

An idea, the completed online form and a calculation of costs.

We would like to understand what you’re planning – please phrase your goals and ideas as concretely as possibly.
Also a couple of infos concerning you as a person would be helpful (e.g. as pdf, text, photo, links).
f there isn’s any music online (yet), you can also send us some unfinished songs or recordings from your practicing room.

Once the form is sent, you receive an automated e-mail reply. If you haven’t gotten the e-mail, we didn’t get your form. In this case, please contact us via booster(at)feierwerk(dot)de.

The deadlines for 2024 are the 15.12.24, 15.04.24, 15.07.24 and 30.09.24, each at 23:59h.

Feierwerk Fachstelle Pop will review all applications. If all formal requirements are fulfilled, we will choose including the following criteria:

  • Diversity
  • Relevance for the Munich music scene
  • Empowerment (motivation for future projects within the Munich Music scene – because this project inspires others)
  • Outcome (doability and expectable result)
  • Urgency of need (e.g. time restriction)


Newcomers, artists and organisers focusing on anticonstitutional, illegal, punishable or violence-glorifiying contents are excluded from the funding.

You can apply once per project. Should you have new ideas you can apply again.

In 2024 there is 4 calls for the funding. The online application starts a month before the deadline each time. The last deadline 2024 is on the 30.09.24. Please check the question 'What are the dates for the funding in 2024'?

It will take a couple of weeks. If you haven’t heard from us 6 weeks after the deadline, please send us an e-mail to: booster(at)feierwerk(dot)de.

Funding received – what happens now?

Yes, you have to fill out the contract for your project and sign it, before being paid. We will pass you the contract.
We will need a copy/photo/scan of your or your legal guardian’s ID.

The money needs to be spent within the year you got the money. An extension is not possible.

The money will be transfered to your personal account once you signed the contract.
If you’re selected for the funding you will receive an e-mail with exact informations.

If the project is cancelled the money needs to be repaid. If there are any changes, please get in touch with us immediately.

The funding is being spent explicitly for the project you applied for. Once the project is completed we at Feierwerk Fachstelle Pop need proof of all costs being spent.
You can send receipts, bills, cash vouchers or internal vouchers. We also need an overview of the costs, if you have more than one spending.

For example: 200€ bill for mixing, 50€ bill for cover art, 250€ for mastering – write down as a list and send it to us including all your bills.

You also need to send us proof that the project took place (e.g. Link, Audio, Video, texts); also send us a photo, so we can publish it online.
Otherwise, we need to ask you to refund the money.

We need the following proof:

  • Investments: cash voucher and receipts
  • Staff costs: bills and receipts
  • Own costs: bills and self written receipts

Yes. Please check the question 'Which form of proof do I need for the project’s costs and possibly intake?'

Please get in touch with us immediately (booster(at)feierwerk(dot)de ). Changed items are possible, but need to be explained and confirmed by us beforehand.
Please attach a written statement including the reasons when you’re handing in proof that your project took place.


We would like to represent a diverse urban society. That’s why it is helpful to ask about some info. Those are voluntary.

We do plan for other rounds the following years (50.000€ a year). Please visit our Website ( )

or our Social Media Channels ( &

Or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

I have read the FAQs and still need support

You can get in touch with us directly at Feierwerk Fachstelle Pop (booster(at)feierwerk(dot)de / 089-72488 420). Also there is an option to speak with us personally at CHEERS or our consultation hour.

If you’re unable to send your file, because it is recognized as spam, please try again without the links.
(If it works without the links, please hand them in later via mail)

Concerning any other questions you can write us an e-mail to: booster(at)feierwerk(dot)de

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